Diversity And Diversity In Society

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Harmony within diversity mush nurtured and cherished one of the important things in our life. It is involve our life, our community and what is going around us. Diversity means differences, variations or unlikeness. In our modern world, diversity plays an important role. Present study, diversity has been sorted in many different contexts such as human context, ecological context, radio and telecommunications. First of all, diversity gives people an opportunity to be curious about others, to respect and to engage in mutual exploration and learning. The joy and fruit of diversity can only exist in a peaceful and plural society, which is requires people to respect the dignity and freedom of others. For this, we need to value universal human rights, which is difficult to attain without democracy. The role of government, politicians, religious reader, the press and the NGOs in promoting and practicing human rights is extremely important. In Malaysia, there are many religions, cultures, organization and also society. Malaysia society consists of multi ethnic citizens. Solidarity, harmony and unity between ethnic is a vital agenda for the country’s stability. The ethnic issues or tension can affect the country by causing an economic down turn;…show more content…
Malaysia is multiracial country with a rich cultural heritage. Unique to Malaysia is the ‘Open House’ concept where during the various cultural and religious festival like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Gawai Day and others. Friends and families and even strangers would visit the homes of the of those whose celebrating the festival, to wish them well and enjoy the feast prepared by hosts. Although the visitors may be from different races, they still can tolerate with each other and live under the same roof where they can celebrate the festival together. This will help to strengthen the ties among

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