Reflection On Diversity And Diversity

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All students deserve to be treated fairly as individuals. When considering the diversity of the class members, we will celebrate the uniqueness that the differences contribute. Because I have high expectations that all my children can be successful, adjustments may be necessary because everyone is not the same (Burden, 2017, p. 115). It is vital that a spirit of understanding and edification is active amongst the students and from the teacher (Romans 14:19, King James Version) to produce fruits of mutual respect: reduced bias, positive academic outcomes, enhanced problem solving, and healthy group dynamics (Cousik, 2015, p. 54). For differences that stem from culture, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, the adjustments will involve bridging the cultural gap between the students’ diversity and the curriculum. For differences that result from cognitive abilities, learning styles, or developmental stages, the differentiation in delivery style and product styles support students’ academic, emotional, and social growth. Strategies that support diversity: • frequently vary instructional technique • develop lessons around students ' interests, needs, and experiences • provide an encouraging, supportive environment • use cooperative learning and peer tutors for students needing remediation • provide study aids • teach content in small sequential steps with frequent checks for comprehension • use individualized materials and individualized instruction whenever possible • use

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