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I am interested in diversity for my storybook. The theme “diversity” is important for children to live in diversity world. Diversity is better to learn as soon as possible from children because the rejection about differences is hard to change after the segregation is formed in mind. Most children are built the images about the different ethnicities by what they read, see and hear. Since people’s perspective is formed when they are little, how parents educate children is important. However, before that, parents should be educated first because parents buy the children’s bible and books, have meal together everyday, and have a conversation with their children. Children are heard and learned what their parents do.
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This is especially true when it comes to the topics of race and racism, cultural differences.” Parents make mistake easily by thinking that teaching only good side of the world is good for growing children. However, parent’s fear and discomfort to face the issues of race and cultural differences makes their children live by fearing and discomforting the world.
Janet Gonzalez-Mena and Dora Pulido-Tobiassen ask parents good questions to think about: “What does it mean to be a parent raising a child in this diverse world?” “What does it mean to be a young child growing up in this diverse world?” The parents who feel fear and discomfort about the issues have to think about these questions.
Furthermore, Gonzalez-Mena and Pulido-Tobiassen talk about the importance of specific cultural information. Searching the cultural information on the Internet is not enough. Although I like Peter Spier’s book, people, I can see Spier didn’t know much about other cultures, at least Korean’s. He put Korean language and drew Korean who wore traditional clothes. However, the language he used in his book was used about 600 years ago. Also, the Korean traditional clothes are not Korean clothes at all. Although giving information of diversity is the main point, it has to give right information to children. I could not identify Korean traditional clothes, and I doubted about other cultures’ on the picture. Furthermore, if Korean kids see the book, they might be disappointed about

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