Does The Economy Play A Very Important Pertaining To The Research In The Marketing Field

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Cristobal Silva
Research Essay
Dr. Kristy
17 Jan. 2017
What is Research? Research is the action of attempting to find out the answer to a certain question. Sometimes, research does not answer the question one was looking for, but instead raises new questions. For an example, if one is search for why certain products do better in the marketing field than others. They may stubble across the answer, but new questions will arise. Such as, how does the economy play a role and if their target audience are being reached. Research is very important pertaining to the marketing field. Especially due to the fact that marketing is always changing. While conducting research, it comes with many responsibilities. As a researcher, one is required to put from the knowledge credible information. The information must be credible for one is not misleading their readers into false information. Another responsibility is to not to plagiarize and give credit where credit is due. If a researcher fails to give credit information it can have many bad consequence. Research has the power to motivate others and to strike change. One can mislead and set as a society back by conducting bad or shallow research. Inadequate research in the marketing field can not only hurt business but also the economy. For an example, if a new study, which was shallow in its search, …show more content…

I was once told from a brilliant professor to steal on idea from a person is plagiarism, but to steal from many people is research. My rule of thumb is to have a variety of sources and not to rely so heavily on just one source. The problem I run into with research is I tend to stay up at night searching for the answers. Time plays a huge factor in my research. I have to balance my time with a full time job and college itself. I find this to be challenging at times, but I have the motivation to preserver because my desire to contribute and give back to

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