Dog Training Collar Advantages And Disadvantages

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If you have a puppy with a penchant for persistent barking , or if you want to train your dog to remain calm and disciplined, maybe you can consider using an electric training collar . As with any method of behavior modification, there are pros and cons to consider before you use this solution on your pet.


The use of dog trainning collar is a type of behavioral training originally used in the 1960s to train hunting dogs. Today, they are used to curb persistent and unwanted behavior in pet dogs, excessive barking to aggression for food, as well as to train puppies not to cross a defined area or stay close without using a leash.

These dog training collars
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This also allows you to give a verbal command ( "No!" Or "Stop!") At the same time, so the dog will stop and the time will receive even more shock. There are anti-bark collars on which the shock is triggered by crossing the son placed underground along a limited area so the dog learns not to exceed this invisible border.


Settings. Most of these modern training collars give you the choice to program a beep or vibration alert and adjust the force of impact. Unlike collars a spray, which administer a harmless product, but unpleasant to the nose of the dog, which they are not usually adjustable and less economic.

Quick results. Some pet owners report that it took only a few shocks to correct undesirable behavior on their dog and only after the warning function enough. Of course, it may need more time on the most stubborn dogs or older.

It does not require you to be present. When you use the collar to control chronic barking, it works even when you are away or inside the house. This can be especially useful if you have neighbors who complain of incessant barking of your dog while you are away. The same goes for anti fugue necklaces, of course, it is not recommended to leave your unattended dog outside for long periods, with or without
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Most pet owners may not consider cause pain to their pet. But even with the ability to control the intensity of the shock, you always use a type of aversive education that is to say by punishment. Many dog trainers are more in favor of positive reinforcement (reward) as a means of behavior modification.

Fear. Fear can cause dangerous behavior on the animal. With a shock by training, some dogs may learn to fear people, objects or situations they associate the wrong way with the necklace. Testimonies of dog owners report that their dog refused to go outside after using an anti fugue collar and he even urinated inside afraid to go out.

Poor correction. On certain model too sensitive or improperly adjusted the shocks can be inflicted inappropriate ways or too often, which can confuse or unnecessarily shock the dog.

No positive reward. On their own, the electric collars do not reinforce good behavior with positive rewards as your affection, verbal approval "Good dog" or a tasty treat. While they may actually discourage negative behaviors like jumping on visitors or chasing the mailman, he does not reward positive behaviors like sit patiently or not to move. It has been proven that a positive education based on a reward system is more effective than training by punishment: see this article on positive reinforcement for more

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