Domestic Policies Of James Knox Polk

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James Knox Polk, the 11th president of the United States, was the most effective president that had achieved all of his inaugural goals. He had made several domestic policies that helped the US economy to strive. Polk was also the president who had acquired the US’s ideal dream of Manifest Destiny by making treaties and compromising to gain land from the Pacific to the Atlantic. James Polk has made different efforts to make the US the best and most powerful country in the western hemisphere and he has been very successful in his efforts.
Polk had made different attempts to complete the Manifest Destiny of the United States. Polk, in his first annual message to congress, said, "The United States, sincerely desirous of preserving relations of good understanding with all nations, cannot in silence permit any European interference on the North American continent,... be ready to resist it at any and all hazards," ("James K. Polk: Reaffirmation of the Monroe Doctrine Speech (1845)") showing that he supported the Monroe Doctrine and that he wanted to settle the Oregon dispute with Great Britain. Oregon was previously co-inhabited …show more content…

Mexico thought that the border was the Nueces River, while on the other hand, US believed it to be the Rio Grande which left a chunk of disputable land in-between. After Polk saw how the Mexicans had killed the Americans that he had sent to build forts [between the Nueces and the Rio Grande], he went to congress and asked congress into declaring war on Mexico (O'Brien). Mexico and the US went to war and since the US had settled the Oregon dispute it was easy for the US to end the war quickly. Both signed the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Mexico also had to surrender control of New Mexico and California. Polk had successfully completed his first two action goals that he had made after his inauguration by getting both Oregon and

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