Domestic Violence Against Immigrant Women

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Domestic violence is a widespread societal problem among immigrant women in Canada, the consequences of which go far beyond individual families. Immigrant women are a particularly vulnerable group that are at a high risk of domestic violence. This essay will provide a lens through which the different factors affecting domestic violence against immigrant women and their repercussions will be examined. This essay will also reflect on the challenges that immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence face at the individual and societal level when acquiring social services and also available methods of prevention and recommendations.

According to the Canadian Ministry of Labour, domestic violence can be described as a pattern of behavior used by an individual to establish and maintain power and control over another individual with whom they have an intimate relationship, through different means …show more content…

Many of these women often lack the economic support and, in particular, financial resources because of their dependent status and/or unemployment (Erez, Adelman, Gregory, 2009). Language and cultural barriers also magnify feelings of social isolation, as the women think they may not get support from their family or community and that this may lead to discrimination. Separation and divorce in some cultures also carries a stigma and some women may feel that they may be ostracized (Erez, Adelman, Gregory, 2009). Also, fear of being cut-off from their existing family, or deportation, as well as the loss of their children can prevent these women from reporting the abuse and obtaining assistance. This lack of relevant knowledge and of the social and legal resources available to these women often intensifies their experience and prolongs their state of

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