The Role Of Irony In Oedipus The King

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In the play is a lot of variety of dramatically actions that cannot be believable in real life that is what affect the perspective of readers because is too much irony that readers are unable to understand a cause of their fate. There is a variety of continuous tragedies that someone cannot assimilate one tragedy when the other is coming in the story. In Oedipus the king exists a variety of events that are truly dramatic for the story and for common sense. Mainly because the play is reflected as spiritual or for example, Oedipus guided by the gods but the truth is that all events were caused by the actions of himself deduction like Studios Ramfos argues “The fate willed by the gods makes nothing happen unless man provokes it” (Ramfos, 46).…show more content…
There is a variety of event, to be more specific tragedy events that are continue affecting primordially Oedipus and then all people around them. If Oedipus has the help from the oracle, the oracle should tell him how do this in every situation, the irony is that he does not know he is going to be the subject of the God’s commands then all he did was his own decisions and not someone else, not god not oracle just him and their own mind. Ironically Oedipus knows who his father is because he saw him when Oedipus killed his father but he is very innocent because short time before he knows that he will kill his father and in spite of that he killed that person when he can evade killing someone and marry his mother when he can evade marring some woman older that him. Even though he has not been perfect he curses the person who could have killed the king, being that he had previously killed several men then that means that he is not a person subject of the God’s commands. He eventually want to look like he acts outside of his own interest, but here is the consequences every action has a consequence and his consequence was his own

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