Dream Deferment Research Paper

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Cory Morris Dream Deferment 9/20/15 Joe Linker
Deferment has a denotative meaning to keep putting something off to a later time. Taking deferment and placing it in the dream world and boy are we in trouble. Performance management and goal planning is the best way to pull yourself out of this long deferment. The connotative meaning often holds a much higher or a rougher value often considered a nightmare. This dangling dream not followed can eat your insides. I have a dream I need to pick up and mine is a passionate musical career.
I still play music occasionally and listen to music. There is much more I could be doing to perusing this deferred dream of a musical career. I wake up to this poster on my wall of a band that won a battle of the bands when I was 16. I have the talent or possibly had it in the past and need to heavily practice again. I keep telling myself pick up the bass man. Your childhood bass ghost is calling you.
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I was young when the career began and did not know what to do with it. The main focus of my life at the time was on my education and graduating high school. There were several times and multiple bands that I was a part of where we had fought over silly things. These goofy memories for some reason could be what held me back from perusing the dream later. This constant want or need of a dream can just destroy the body and the mind. Reflecting on the music and this dream caused me to pick up my bass. It actually hurts my fingers to play for long periods of time now. I will have to build up my callus again to play for longer times. Tapping into this deferment of my musical dream has motivated me to start playing again. I will have to motivate myself to first start practicing regularly and make several adjustments. Gathering old rocking buddies could be difficult before I can expect this dream to happen. Many of my buddies have kids and don’t play as much as

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