Duquenois-Levine Color Trial

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Summary For the outside resource for my topic, I did a ride-along with the UW-Whitewater campus police officers. Through this process, I also used the department site as a source it should that they even have programs for drug awareness for students to go (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, n.d.). Something that I had never known was that the school has a special program that if a student gets caught underage drinking or caught with drugs they can pay to go to a course instead of getting it on their permanent record that they were ever in trouble. The ride-along was from 8 to 12 and the time was separate between two different officers. For the first half, it was your basic ride-along we drive around and went on a couple of calls and worked …show more content…

Also in that room was a drug locker each one had new evidence of collected for the recent drug bust. All of the evidence was put in brown paper bags with the officers’ name and an evidence label on it. Officer Dewey took out one of the bags out that had his name on and opened up for testing. Even though they had already known that the drug in the bag was marijuana he offered me to perform a color test. Upon seizing the evidence, the officer should perform a Duquenois-Levine color test on the suspected plant material. The Duquenois-Levine color test is in a plastic bag resembling container with three tubes of liquid inside. The color test reagent kit is easier to do since it is packaged with the reagents is sealed in the glass tubes for a single test for field purpose. Once a small amount of the marijuana was in the container next I broke the reagent tubes. After all the tubes had been broken I began shaking the container till the color of the liquid started to change. Comparing the colors produced within the time limits it match the description on the bag, proving that the drug was indeed marijuana. Something that was interesting to find out though, in the description of the reagent color test they show the lighter color on top and the darker one on the bottom. But just as the test that was conducted showed and what Officer had said was that the darker color is always on the top and the lighter on …show more content…

Since I had used the machine in the past when I was hired as a campus security officer we didn’t go over it again. Never having any calls that need to conduct fingerprint or drug processing it was a pretty slow night. If there were any arrest that night is found drugs on campus, they are arrested, booked at the UW-Whitewater Police Services Department inside Goodhue Hall. They never actully have had the need to collect fingerprint at a crime scene there wasn’t much information that I collected on that topic compare to the information I learned about drug

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