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Dynamic character who undergoes an important inner change, as a change in personality or attitude. The story, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, tells the interesting story of Luke Garner’s life when and how he became “free” from hiding as a third child. In the beginning of the story, Luke and his family sold their land to the government for the money. In towards middle of the story is when Luke spotted a third child in the sports family’s house and leaves home to go investigate only to find another third child like him named Jen. By the end of the story, Jen died fighting for her freedom and with the help of Jen’s father, Luke was able to get a fake id. These events have caused Luke to develop as a dynamic character. He was more…show more content…
Now he doesn't tell the secrets or questions that are on his mind. Towards the beginning of the story, Luke was very honest and told his parents every thing that was on his mind. In the story, the author “He belonged at home-- home where his mother always let him have the first piece of the pie because he was there and the other boys were away” (11). This piece of textual evidence shows that Luke listened to mom and since he had nothing to hid from her he always got the benefit of stuff. The ending of the book is when Luke started to be quiet about what he has been doing. “So Luke read consciously, always ready to solve the population book under his pillow and replace it with one of his adventure books” (90). This was the time when was reading the population book that he knew his parents would be mad if they catched him reading it. So he was ready at moment to hide the book that he shouldn't have to keep it away from his parents. Luke was always doing the right thing and never thinking about what was wrong and what was right. Once he saw Jen he realized that he couldn't tell his family anything and to be safe he stayed quiet. Jen is the one who really changed…show more content…
The start of the story Luke was a normal kid who know very little about anything outside of his house. When he was spending time with jen he would learn more and more. “To forget he was Luke Garner, the third child in the attic” (34). When Luke always was hiding in the attic he would just read his books and try to imagine himself as the character. When Luke did this he wouldn't learn anything. He would just read the same stories over and over again. “I think he said people just have different of expressing what they feel” (98). When Luke was looking at the computer with jen, the other child in the online chatroom were “joking” around about the rally. Luke told jen that the way they goof around is there way of being ready for the rally, but jen didn't see that. When Luke started to read the books and articles on the population law he learned why they have the population law in the first place. Also being with jen and talking to her has shown him how other third children think in situations. These events in the story, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, have caused Luke to expand as a dynamic character. Luke is more knowledgeable by the end of the book because he reacts differently to situations. Luke has become more of a dynamic character because in the beginning of the story he always was truthful. Now he doesn't tell the secrets or questions that are on his mind. Luke

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