Earth On Turtle's Back Literary Devices

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The story Earth on Turtle's Back uses many literary techniques aimed at making the narration easy to read and facilitating a clear understanding of the different literary components.This paper aims to highlight and evaluate the themes from this story. First off, the authors provide the readers with allusion through the introduction of a historic or religious belief that is popular among the Native Americans. This is accomplished by how the authors use a husband, wife, and two brothers to create a relatable and simplified versionof the creation story. The authors also acknowledge the presence of a superior being who is known to be the main source of livelihood and well-being of humans. Another literary technique used in …show more content…

For example, the world is growingfrom a turtle’s back, which is the main setting of the story. Due to the word choice of thewriters,there are several instances where imagery is created, such as “She has the Earth.” Some of the themes outlined represent an enthusiasm expressed by a tiny muskrat. The writers chose a fictional setting that appears to be pulled from one's imagination or suggests a biblical influence. A character can be explained as a set of qualities that are in a position to make that person distinctively different from the rest. The heroes in the story are described by the actions they take. For instance, the ancient chiefs' wife was dreaming. Consequently, the chief noticed that the tree was removed due to her dream. Speeches and dialogues also play a crucial role in developing characters' traits. This privilege may be observed even among animals. Unity that is considered to be obvious in this story has also aided in heroes'self- development. The comments of the authors help in attributing special features to the characters. The remarks are introduced in a chronological order and clearly manifest their role in creating the storyline and making a narration even more comprehensible. The plot is constructed

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