Eastern Shore Murder Essay

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Have you ever thought about how many murderers you have encountered just living your daily life? The people of the Eastern Shore may understand how this feels. The Eastern Shore experiences hundreds of murders a year, however, just three shocking murders affected the way the local community continues to view the life around them. Murders are a commonly committed crime throughout the world, yet, very few people realize that they have more than likely experienced an encounter with a murderer just carrying on with their daily life. One may wonder, what causes someone to become a murderer, serial killer, or any other kind of criminal. To put it simply, one’s background has the biggest affect on who they become. “Scientists trying get inside …show more content…

In 1978, Morris Odell Mason killed a 71-year-old, Margaret K. Hand, by nailing her wrists to the seat, tying her down with a rope, and proceeded to set her house on fire. Mason had committed other crimes prior to the murder of Hand, such as assault on two teenage sisters and arson. Mason had been on parole for arson during the same time the murder took place and requested to be put in a halfway house by his probation officer, however, the officer did not give him the help he had wanted. After the murder was committed, he eventually received the death sentence. Mason being sentenced to death was fought in court, “attorneys for Mason contended that their client was mentally retarded and did not comprehend his crimes,” however, the appeal was rejected, and Mason received the death penalty on June 25, 1985 …show more content…

Erika Sifrit was not only an honors student but also a college basketball player in her younger days. It has been said that the Sifrits admitted to murdering the couple just “for fun” (Baltimore Sun). When Benjamin and Erika went on trial, Erika’s lawyers argued that her husband committed the murder, while she just helped hide the evidence. On the other hand, Benjamin argued that his wife was completely responsible for the murder of the Ocean City couple (Washington Post). Initially the Sifrits were arrested on May 31, 2002 for robbing a Hooters store, but as they were searching Erika Sifrit’s purse, they ended up finding the licenses of the two missing tourists whom they had killed. Later, April 9, 2003, Benjamin Sifrit had been arrested for first-degree assault and second-degree murder. Benjamin was later sentenced to life plus 25 years in August and is currently serving his sentence at the North Branch Correctional Institute in Cumberland, Maryland. Erika Sifrit is serving a life sentence plus 20 years at the Patuxent Institute in Jessup, Maryland

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