Drew Peterson Research Paper

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The Notorious Killer Drew Peterson

In a world that includes brutal wars, mindless killing, terrorism, and genocide, it is not uncommon the violent state of the human condition. There are motives in the human brain that can tempt us towards violence and there also motives that inhibit us from violence. I am currently researching a notorious serial killer named “Drew Peterson”. This research paper will review Drew’s life as a killer, Talk about his murders, his childhood, his court dates and prison sentencing. Some of Drew’s quotes are “He has the right to know why they call me Big Daddy” after his son walked in on him and his mother during intercourse, along with “ You think your girl is a nightmare when she is coming off a high, Wait”ll …show more content…

Saying Drew Peterson was a disturbed man is a understatement, Drew was an abusive man, he abused every woman in his life. Either verbal or physical abuse, Peterson was never diagnosed with any psychiatric disorders. It was believed throughout his childhood and the environment he was raised in brought him to be the person he is today. When Peterson was a young boy he watched his father abuse his mother time after time, Peterson seems to be just like his father, his father Donald Peterson was known to have O.C.D, if the slightest thing was different or out of place Donald would lose control and take it out on Betty. After years of abuse Peterson's mother had finally left leaving Peterson to hate every woman in his life. Peterson's life was an act, In the real world Peterson would be a kind person, but behind the scenes he was a totally different man. Peterson got everything he wanted no matter what he had to do to get it, After making each woman fall in love with him he changed because his past would get to him. He would become obsessive and cruel to each of his wives, he would accuse them of cheating and just manipulate them, Peterson would do anything to keep them, whether it was abusing them or killing them. After seeing his mother walk out he was sure it …show more content…

Not only was he good at his job but to good he was a true narcaotist. Drew lied to everyone. I think his childhood molded him to become this type of person. Drew saw his father abuse his mother when things weren't in the right places or that anything was not going the right way. Drew's father was the type of person that it had to go his way or there was no way and Drew was the same. He had also seen his mother walk out. Having a bad childhood can cause many things to happen as you get older. I believe that most children turn out like their parents. Not because they are forced to but because that's just how they were raised. They have the mindset to do what their parents had done because they thinks it's okay. Drew is a selfish and obsessive monster. Drew abused every women in his life either verbally, physically or both. I don't think jail will help Drew. Drew has ruined so many lives including his and he will die in jail and he deserves every minute and every second of those 78 years in

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