Eckels Selfish In A Sound Of Thunder

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“Unbelievable.” Eckels breathed, the light of the Machine on his thin face. “ A real Time Machine.” The short story, “A Sound Of Thunder”, by Ray Bradbury is about a man named Eckels who is about to go back in time to hunt the most dangerous animal known to man, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Along with him are a couple of guides that are there to help him kill this beast. Eckels is very oblivious because he is selfish, stupid and fake. The most clear reason why Eckels is very oblivious is because he is selfish in many different ways. One of these moments is when Eckels realizes that the T-Rex “can’t be killed” so he starts to back away not realizing he has put all those guides in danger. This action was a terrible one as he put the guides and his fellow hunters in danger by abandoning them just because he had made a rash decision to try and kill a T-Rex. Eckels was oblivious to the fact that if he left there might not be enough people and bullets to take down the enormous lizard and only thought for himself when he left them. Even before this had happened, we got to see Eckel’s selfish nature when he “(flushed) angrily” just because someone was trying to maybe save their life. When the man “behind the desk” tried to scare him, Eckels got angry and snapped at the man even though the man was just trying to …show more content…

When Travis was telling him to “get out of here” Eckels wanted to try and pay his way out of the situation. He thought that stepping off the path was insignificant and that money could solve that. Even after Travis telling him how a much a rat can affect everything, Eckels STILL insisted on saying it was nothing and telling them that money can solve it. Even before that, the text said that Eckels though that the Rex was too big and strong. Eckels didn’t think about how big the animal would be, just how much attention he would get. His stupidity defines Eckel’s

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