The Elements Of Science In A Sound Of Thunder By Ray Bradbury

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Science Fiction Stories Science can be something that you can come across in your everyday life. Science can make us think and have a imagination with what is going on around the world. There are many theories that can show that there are many things to be learned and tried in our lifetime.The things that I will be discussing are science and technology, The elements of science,Figurative Language ,The conflict, and the theme. There are many scientific elements in all three stories, Some of the elements are hard to find. The first story is “ A Sound of Thunder“ by Ray Bradbury. The first element that it has in it is technology advancements showing how the characters have a time machine where they go to the future or in the past. They try to use the time machine to help with the mission that they are trying to accomplish. They try to see the meaning of what is going on among each of the characters “A Sound of Thunder” is science fiction because of the way they use ordinary things and try to go back to time where there were dinosaurs. The storyline tries to make us to think about what is going in the story. The characters need to come up with how they are going to take down the dinosaur. Time traveling can affect many of the characters in certain ways. For example, In Sound of Thunder Eckels accidentally falls off the path which affects the timeline. Eckels learned that there were consequences to what he did. Eckels needed to take out the bullets that he shot in the

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