Nethergrave Summary

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The stories, “A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury, and “Nethergrave,” by Gloria Skurzynski, were both great stories that had illustrious examples of a science fiction. Both of the stories characters were using different types of science, and technology. There is the use of time travel where a person was able to travel from the future, and go back to pre- historic times. The other was a better example of a science fiction story focused on the use of technology in the story. “A Sound of Thunder,” has better examples of technology that relate to science fiction than in “Nethergrave.” The technologies in “A Sound of Thunder” include; the time travel machine with its abilities to travel back in time and the antigravity path the hunters walked …show more content…

This story was not as related to science fiction as in the story “A Sound of Thunder.” The characters in this story were more in the, here and now, setting of today. With the only use of technology in this story being a computer, it this does not give the impression of a sci-fi, or futuristic feel. The biggest feel a reader may feel from this story is a parallel universe between real life, and life as an avatar inside a computer. All while using his computer to escape his pain of an awkward life. It is weird how the author put him there. The reader’s imagination will have to work a bit to a feel for this story. So the stories “A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury, and “Nethergrave,” by Gloria Skurzynski, while both stories were wonderful. Each story tried to be, the same type of genre however, the stories did not quite both pass as equal sci-fi types of stories. As a reader of the stories the “Nethergrave,” and “A Sound of Thunder,” the sci-fi was greater in “A Sound of Thunder,” due to the time travel and the endeavors of the story it’s self. The real feel for the sci-fi in the story “Nevergrave,” seemed to lack substance due to lack of what events took place other than a parallel world of life and a

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