A Brief Comparison Of Wednesday Wars And Okay For Now

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Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now are two inspiring novels both written by Gary D. Schmidt. The reader gets a brief look at Doug Swieteck in the first book with the main character Holling Hoodhood. Okay For Now is all about Doug. This book is more a companion book than a sequel because the author switches main characters and setting in Okay For Now. The author’s expertise about this decade is what pulls the book together. The setting and conflicts in both books are comparable and make the reader able to address the author’s style. The development of both characters is seen through the books very clearly and you can see a big change between the first chapters and last ones. After looking at both themes in the books I can see the author took a …show more content…

Both of these ideas you never saw coming. The subject matter of these books were not something I would appeal to (I personally don’t prefer historic fiction) but looking back on them I can definitely say good things. Both novels are very different but still in the same time period. In Wednesday Wars, I feel that the war is more relevant than in the other novel, but I wish I had more of the “historic” part in the fiction. Heather. Some details are enough to make it Historical Fiction, such as, Holling’s sister is a flowerchild, the death of Martin Luther King Jr, and school bomb drills. In the perfect house the couches have plastic over them and that was a common in the decade. In Okay for now the war wasn’t spoken about nearly as much as in the 1st book. Gary Schmidt wrote Wednesday Wars about Holling and about all that surrounded him. The setting and the problems in the world. I only realized this towards the end of the book. Okay for Now is about Doug and the people he meets when he moves. I think these books were crafted differently because they were four years apart. Authors change their style. In Wednesday Wars Holling talks about Doug Swieteck enough for me to say they are friends. In Okay For Now we see Holling Hoodhood once. This …show more content…

It is all about growing up. The setting in the Wednesday Wars is New Jersey, 1967. New Jersey makes sense to the book considering they never speak about racism. In New Jersey, it wasn’t as common. The year is relevant to the plot but the setting, not so much. Okay For Now is a totally different story. The author focuses more on the characters than the setting. Just like in the synopsis, “Doug has his own mission too.” I learned some information about the 60s while reading the Wednesday Wars. I did not know that every day the kids had to go through atomic bomb drills. In a way the 60s are a lot like this decade because of the terrorists and the school shootings. The time period also influences some aspects in the book. Holling’s mother is controlled by his father, which was common during that time. It still doesn’t make up for some of her actions in the book, such as how she refused to drive Holling to get Heather form the bus stop. The conflicts in both books are very alike and it helped me connect Okay and Wednesday Wars a little more. There are many conflicts in Okay for Now. The first one being Doug is moving to a new town where he doesn’t know anyone and he still has to put up with his abusive father. Another ?nflict we are given at the begging of the book is Lucas, Doug’s older brother who is in the war. Doug’s mom asks one question, “How are we going to let Lucas know where

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