Economic Development Of China Essay

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The economics of China have been growing rapidly since the reform and opening up in 1978. Between 1978 and 2005, China's per capita GDP had grown from $153 to $1284, that is more than 8 folds increment. This economic reform has increased inequality in China dramatically. To large extent I agree the rapid economics development of china has been more of a threat than an opportunity for China’s traditional culture.

Culture is made up of 3 major components; these include material aspect, which is more physical, such as buildings and architecture. The other component of culture would be institutional, such as customs and rituals. Lastly it would include something more spiritual such as ethics and morality.

In old days, the young people live together with their family because of their respect to their elderly and the influence of the Confucianism. Because of the rapid economic grow in certain areas in China; some parts of China became urbanized first. The young people in the rural areas than migrated to the urban cities for better job opportunity and career development. They therefore …show more content…

In 1960, people were wearing the clothes passed down by their parents in primary school. Parents bought cloth fabric with vouchers. Green, blue and black were the three colours that were often seen in clothes. People loved to wear olive green, because the uniforms of the soldiers were in this colour, and they were not allowed to wear jeans as these, the eyes of China government, represent western culture. By 1980, people started to wear clothes in different cloths and styles. The fashion became more and more westernized. Jeans became popular at that time, and millions of young people dressed in cowboy style. In nowadays, Chinese people are more demanding about style than the basic function of the cloths, the clothing is more westernized and modern. And the Chinese traditional clothing became uncommon in the urban

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