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Analyzing the Themes of Poems by Edgar Lee Masters Edgar Lee Masters is well known for his great collection “Spoon River Anthology”, a series of over one hundred inscriptions on tombstones, a discussion over the residents of the fictional small town of Spoon River. One of the reasons for these poems is for others to understand the life of small town areas and those of rural areas. Each of the poems contains a short text that honors a deceased person; they speak about things much expected by others, some repeat their past, others talk about their view of life from the outside, and some complain about their graves treatment, while few talk about their death. “The Hill” by Masters is one of his famous poems, and is the first poem, it is unique…show more content…
They are trying a man named Dr. Duval, for committing the murder of Zora Clemens a pregnant woman mentioned in the poem who was found in a ditch later told. Barry is the father of eight children and another on the way and can be told that he too is having problems of his own. When he arrives home that night after hearing the story of Dr. Duval killing the pregnant woman, Barry might have had the urge to do it as well. The first thing he sees when he enters was a hatchet as said in the following…show more content…
The poem does not once include her, and this could have either happened before or after, but if had occurred after his horrific crime, he seemed to have no regret because he does not bother mentioning it. He begins saying that he is a religious man and has a job in canning works by telling what he does at work where each morning he had to fill the tank in front of the works with gasoline. One day he was on a ladder doing his job when a gasoline-filled tank exploded and sent him flying. Butch say he landed on the ground with both legs broken and his eyes

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