Educational Leadership Identification Report

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My metacognition of this chapters and the associations it brings to me, as I move into an educational leadership position lend me a new pair of lens for the need for schools to properly establish a strategic technology plans to oblige administrators and the leadership team with a blueprint to transform schools, particularly the one I currently work at. My school is working diligently to continue to make strives and efforts in phases which we failed to execute appropriately in the first phase due to time constraints. I strongly foresee the need to monitor progress on-going and precisely indicate who is responsible for both monitoring and implementation as my school transition into a blended learning digital learning culture and climate …show more content…

This approach will make room for at-risk and struggling students an opportunity to substantial make gains when the technology is used appropriately in the classroom and give teachers a chance to truly give time to differentiate instruction while circulating between the desks providing guidance to reach all students especially those who need additional support. This definitely means leadership teams must thoroughly plan the implementation to ensure the inflation of the use and impact of technology among students. This approach is a blended learning movement to create a culture of leaders, teachers, and students the opportunity to interact with digital tools. Along with this approach, come provisions for a suitable amount of professional learning expectations. However, there is a copiousness of Web 2.0 software, apps, and smart notebook interactive boards for 21st Century teachers and the digital students they teacher that support the blended

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