Egyptian And Mayan Pyramids Similarities

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Egyptian and Mayan pyramids : Diverse Yet Similar Cultures Art has always attracted the public eye, so of course these pyramids are no expectation. Both ancient polytheistic cultures marked the planet with their own set of art, in the form of pyramids. They do not have the same structure, however, they portray overall the same message. Further down these two very diverse groups will be explained the architecture, purpose, religion, appearance, and permanence of the pyramids…show more content…
Laborers and farmers of the such whom just suffered from the Nile river's annual flood looked toward the Pharaoh Khufu who in return provided food and clothing for his workers. “Approximately 2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks were used: they were shaped so perfectly today it is not possible to squeeze a knife blade between them” (Great Pyramid Data 44). As a result, the Great Pyramid came to be, at the height of 481 feet tall with each side 756 feet wide. Then the second following in his father’s footsteps king Khafra built his pyramid in 2520 BC. Although, King Khafra’s pyramid appears taller than his fathers, that is certainly not the case.. It was simply an illusion. The pyramid was built on higher elevation; it originally was 447 feet tall, which was 34 feet shorter than the great pyramid. In about 2490 BC Khafra's son king Menkaura built the third. They paid no mind in creating their monumental tombs for they had no idea they would remain as a symbol of their civilization till this day. The pharaohs were revered as gods whom interceded with the gods themselves for their subjects benefit. Thus, people gave many offerings of goods and riches to the gods through the pharaohs and priests. The reason behind the construction of their tombs the pharaohs had besides housing their bodies after death was that they “helped them achieve eternal life in the afterworld”…show more content…
These pyramids were built way after the ones in Giza during the “3rd and 9th century all across Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador” (“Visiting” 45). In spite, of being smaller in size compared to the Egyptian pyramids they hold the same amount of significance. Furthermore, these shrines were “positioned and constructed to note important points in the calendar, such as the solstice and equinox” (45). As a matter of fact, the El Castillo pyramid had four stair cases, nine terraces, only one “entrance to the inner chamber” (“El Castillo” infographic 47) that could only be used by a priest. Nonetheless the people believed only their kings were able to intercede for them. They, therefore, buried their leaders and others with such importance with personal belongings sometimes even

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