Egyptian Creation Myth Osiris Research Paper

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Sara Young Final Exam 1. The Egyptian creation myth Isis, Osiris, and Horus, is a great example of the cyclical nature of life. (1) In this myth Isis represents life and rebirth, her brother Set kills her husband Osiris, Isis sets off to find all the pieces of her husband Osiris and start to piece him back together. With her magic she is able to bring Osiris back to life. To the humans, or Egyptians of that time, (2) Osiris represents life, death, and resurrection. The Egyptian myth also explains how Earth was created. (3) Ra is the God responsible for creating mankind. He is the God who gave birth to the gods who rules the elements such as the sky, air, and earth. The Iroquois creation myth, The Woman That Fell from the Sky. Even before …show more content…

The features that makes the myth Demeter and Persephone a fertility myth because it is used to explain the origins of the seasons. Demeter who is Persephone’s mother, is the Goddess of agriculture. This is why food and crops can’t be grown in the winter, Persephone is sent six months out of the year to be Hades wife, which is why we have a dormant growing season called winter. (1) I think if you look deeper and don’t just look at the seasons of this myth but rather the seeds and the crops. Persephone is like a seed, every year she needs to return underground, then every spring she is reborn again when she returns to the living. When Persephone is first taken to the underworld, in order to make her stay there she must eat. So Hades holds her there until she finally gives in and eats Pomegranate seeds. This ensures her fate that she is stuck in the underworld with Hades six months out of the year. (2) Some people (religions) believe that the Pomegranate is sacred because of the number of seeds it has. Some believe that is the fruit that Eve ate off the forbidden tree. Persephone eating the seeds sealed her fate, she would have to stay with Hades six months out of the year. There a few life lessons of this myth Demeter and Persephone.(3) I think the main message is that the young girl (Persephone) must become a woman and leave home. This is a major life change for both mother and daughter. They both deal with it by busying themselves with work, then Hades gets his hands on her. This myth reminds us of the deep connection between mother and daughter, it reminds us to honor the feelings that a daughter feels crossing into

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