Eleanor Roosevelt Personality

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Eleanor Roosevelt was a First Lady during the time of the Great Depression. She made huge differences in the lives of women, youth, and minorities. Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884, in New York, New York. While her parent was alive she lived in Italy with them. He father was Elliot Roosevelt, he was a junior partner at a real estate firm. He had alcohol and narcotic issues. Her mother was Anna Rebecca Hall, she was a popular debate and elite figure. She died when Eleanor was almost 10 and Eleanor was an orphan until she was given to her maternal grandmother. Eleanor Roosevelt was the oldest of her siblings, Elliot and Gracie Hall Roosevelt. Growing up she received private tutoring since she was wealthy. She was taught grammar, arithmetic, literature and poetry. Later, she was also taught German, French, Italian, composition, music, drawing, painting and dance. Although she was not taught on subjects like politics and history, geography and philosophy, her instructor informed her a limitedly exposed her to it. She was raised as
For her achievements, her struggle and her vision of a United world. For somebody who never held elective office, Eleanor Roosevelt wielded a lot of political force. She composed now laws and delegated no high authorities, yet the self-learning and significant quietude that contributed her respect for each individual has made the account of her life a profound quality play that lights up the American memory. "There is no individual,"

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