The Success Of Teddy Roosevelt: The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt started his life with illness, but worked to what he became. He had a strong family and a healthy community behind him pushing him through his life. Teddy’s life was filled with struggle and hardship, but nobody can stop a man on a mission. The path he ultimately took may have not been what he imagined, but sure ended up being very successful. Although Theodore Roosevelt began life as a weak young man, he work through those weaknesses to become a strong man, and a strong humanitarian president.
On the day of October 27, 1858, in New York City there was a baby born, named Theodore Roosevelt. People walking by on this frigid night, unaware of who was being brought into the world, just a few steps away (Harness, n.d.). Through his childhood and adulthood Roosevelt had almost 10 nicknames, some included were, “T.R.,” “Teddy,” and “The 26th President of the United States” (Harness, n.d.). When Roosevelt was born his potential was through the roof and nobody would 've guessed what he would become one day. October 27, 1858 will forever be treasured as a special day for all people that honor and cherish the Roosevelt name.
Throughout his childhood, Roosevelt had a hard time at night, struggling for air. As a child, Roosevelt’s parents were very concerned for their toddler and his problems with breathing, later diagnosed to be asthma. The doctor informed Teddy’s parents that a sip of black coffee or a quick puff on the cigar would clear up his lungs and

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