Electronic Monitoring On Sex Offenders Essay

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assaults involving a single assailant were found to take place in locations under camera surveillance” (p. 414-415).
Experiences of Electronic Monitoring on Offenders
The comfort of EM devices has been questionable to offenders. The monitoring potential keeps offenders from considering to escape the confines of their home. There are officials in charge of monitoring parolees on EM to make sure offenders are adequately serving the terms of their parole. Offenders jokingly argue that EM to those who have nothing to lose is a complement and for those who do not want to lose their family, EM serves its purpose. Offenders enjoy the luxury of being able to work while on probation with EM. Although, “Offenders generally agreed that the sanction does in fact control their lives much the same way that incarceration controls inmates’ lives” (Payne & Gainey, 2004, 426).
Sex offenders are people and to effectively punish sex offenders, local law enforcement needs to keep strict monitoring on them without disregarding their constitutional rights. SRZ places stringent limitations on where a sex offender occupies their permanent location. A major problem arising with sex offenders is failing to register as a sex offender which is a newly …show more content…

Researchers must study the effects on human behavior behind EM technology. Although GIS mapping is tries to effectively exclude sex offenders in SRZ, GIS goes beyond its parameters of rehabilitation into no longer punishment, cruel and unusual. GIS serves for example, genocide or (completely excluding a class). A major concern in determining cost efficacy to EM is that offenders need to understand the fees and fines associated with EM is not enough to finance EM costs, for this reason alone EM is not effectively being

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