Elizabeth And The Awakening Comparison Essay

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Throughout Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening”, and Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” marriage is conveyed in a different light, compared to the normal in their society, but their characters and the way they convey marriage are very different from each other. “The Awakening’s” crazy Edna has totally opposite characteristics, and views on life than “Pride and Prejudice’s” wholesome Elizabeth Bennet, but still directly oppose marriage views of the time, in different ways. Both Edna and Elizabeth are very different within their personality, reputation, and relationships, making “The Awakening” and “Pride and Prejudice” unique through polar opposite main characters. Throughout “The Awakening” the reader is shown Edna’s wicked true self, by her personality, …show more content…

Elizabeth is a very witty in the way she acts and speaks to others, bringing her peers to either admire her or despise her. She is also a very stubborn woman, who when set on an idea, will not be persuaded otherwise. Unlike Edna, Elizabeth is very classy in the way she acts, looking always to serve others than herself. Her relationships are built from the bottom up, as Elizabeth does not rush into things too quickly. Instead of trying to fulfill any sexual desires or to gain money, Elizabeth looks to have romantic happiness with only one man, for the rest of her days. Her outgoing personality soon leads Darcy to fall madly in love with her, but before she gets into marriage to quickly, she makes sure he is the only one for her. Along with her personality and relationships, Elizabeth has a much respected reputation throughout the novel. From family to friends, Elizabeth strikes people in unusual ways causing them to fall in love with her poise. Her sisters constantly look up to her even her older sister, Jane who seeks advice in relationships. Elizabeth’s confidence truly shows in her actions drawing others to admire and envy her qualities. Within Pride and Prejudice and The Awakening, the main characters Edna and Elizabeth are as far apart as can get through their personality, relationships, and reputation. From these two novels the reader discovers the

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