Emily Dickinson's I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died

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Emily Dickinson was an American author and poet who wrote many poems that were published after her death. She lived a life hidden away from the world, she never married and never had any kids. She spent her free times writing poetry in a very advanced way for her time as her works are compared to modern day poems. She spent her life concealed away or hiding from the public when she did go to town which wasn’t often she wore things to cover her whole body including her face up. She didn’t talk to people often at all but she was very fond of of children and often handed them candy or apples but she did that from her upstairs window. She kept to herself and expressed her feelings and thoughts through poetry which she never let anyone read. After she died she only had published four of her poems and had told her family to burn all of her poems if she died. Her family gave her poems away to publishers after she died because of how good they were. Her poems made her known as one of the best American Poets of all time and she is remembered for her advanced modern style of writing poetry. …show more content…

Time around her slows down and she hears the buzz of the fly, during this time she has the time to write a will for herself and give away all her possessions. Then she suddenly can’t see anything for she is dead. This poem describes death as an entity waiting for everyone to die and after you give your stuff away it doesn’t give you anytime to look back you just die. This poem looks at death in a more harsh way of ending a life and shows that the author (Emily Dickinson) may have been depressed and angry about the things she never got a chance to do in

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