Emmett Till Case Analysis

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The United States is filled with several instances of extreme racism in its history. Very often, discrimination happens for no reason other than the color of a person’s skin. During my studies, I have learned about the Civil Rights Movement but never really had an opportunity to dive into one specific event that had a huge impact on the movement. As a citizen of a country founded upon the principle of liberty, I am shocked in reading what this country allowed to happen. After reviewing several stories and videos which graphically show the beating and killing of minorities, I have decided to write my paper on the murder of Emmett Till in Mississippi. I will be utilizing two sources for this paper. The sources are “Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case” written by Chris Crowe and “The Emmett Till story” by the Britannica Encyclopedia Online School Edition.…show more content…
Racism was less severe in Chicago, even though he still lived in a segregated neighborhood of all blacks. Despite the segregation, he had no idea of the extent of racial hate and violence that went on in the south. Furthermore, he wasn’t a leader of the Civil Rights Movement or remotely involved in racial issues in any way. However, his horrific murder outraged blacks and whites across America and changed the way people thought about racial issues. The incident was so moving that it spurred the citizens of the United States to work towards civil rights. As direct result of the media coverage of his death, people began to fight the racism that was ongoing in the south. Many believe the legacy of this young boy not only changed how people viewed racial issues, his tragic death may have even changed the course of the Civil Rights Movement. For example, the Rosa Parks incident and bus boycotts occurred less than four months after his
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