Emotions In Lord Of The Flies

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Brains and Hearts Lead To Goals Distinctive circumstances require diverse mindsets; it should be understood that both logic and emotion can be valuable in their own particular manner. One can see that both are equally important to advance one’s knowledge in everyday life decisions. To settle on healthy choices, one must tune into their souls and their feelings, yet additionally, think logically and utilize their brain. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding portrays a gathering of young British schoolboys who have been stranded alone on an island. Left to fend for themselves, they must go up against the duties of grown-ups, regardless of whether they are not prepared to do as such. Ralph is chosen as head of the island at the starting …show more content…

However, when the death of Simon and the breaking of the conch occurs, Ralph loses his leadership and his emotions take over due to his illogical decision. Therefore, Ralph is the best possible leader over the suburbans when he makes his decisions using both emotion and logic, but when his emotions overpower his logic his leadership fails. Ralph was born to be a natural leader, and he is one of the only mature, humanized, and socialized boys on the island. Ralph has such a great amount to him, he is the objective of manliness for most young men. With that, he has enough insight and knowledge in him to realize what is expected to survive. At the beginning of the book, Ralph was the only boy that was able to see that one must have a shelter and fire to get by in the conditions they are compelled to live in. This decision used both logic and emotion. Logically, “If it rains like when [they] dropped in [they will] need shelters”(Golding 52) and “If a ship comes near the island they may not notice [them]. So [they] must make smoke on top of the mountain. [They] must make a fire”(Golding 38). Making a shelter and fire are both logical decisions because in order to survive they need a fire for warmth, …show more content…

The boys become crueler after the killing of Simon takes place; killing a boy that was in their tribe and withheld the truth of the Beast contained no logic and destroyed Ralph internally. Ralph's leadership starts to fall apart at this moment due to the fact that his emotions are taking over him; he feels scared from the idea of murder, never being able to get home, and the beast. Ralph was not a leader at this time because he was not able to control himself and with that, he did not stop the boys from destroying Simon and the logic within him. The decision all these boys made together fully took away the whole importance of logic and their emotions took full control of them. Their ideas of fear are mostly shown at meetings called by the conch. The beginning idea of making the conch a part of the island was both logically and emotionally made. Logically, the conch put together a system where the boys were able to pursue their ideas and call meetings; it allowed for anyone to speak no matter how much power they had in the island. Emotionally, it was something that connected them with their home or the adult world where there were rules and safety. The conch was a steady

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