Emperor Qin's The Great Wall Of China

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The Great Wall of China is one of the most fantastic things that man has ever seen. Why because, the Great Wall is one of the 7 wonders of the world. The Great Wall also has one of the most fascinating history and background to it, because of how long it has survived, the way it protected China, and how they made it. There is not much proof that emperor Yü founded the first dynasty in
China (Connected Ed). In 220 BC. Qin Shi Hung became the first emperor of China (Great). Emperor Qin wanted to make China strong by making a unified army (Connected ED). By the 3rd century Qin had taken over all of China (McKillop). Kingdoms controlled vast amounts of land so wars were constantly going on (Mckillop). Around the second century the Qin 's
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In early China artist made paintings of their Gods and Goddesses to represent their faith (Connected Ed). The duties in China very hard because they had to make billions of tons of stone for the Great Wall (Connected Ed). During the Xiongra there was a time of peace and that is when farming and art arose (Connected Ed). Also during the peaceful time the army Government strengthen (Connected Ed). The men and women in China had very different roles that they payed (Connected Ed). During the Han Dynasty the amount of people that came to China was rising by a vast amount (Connected Ed). The Shang were very cruel to Chinese citizens, slaves, and to their nobles (King). The Chin used a lot of slaves, citizens, and poor farmers worked on the Great Wall Of China…show more content…
Legend has it that Yu defeated a dragon that caused floods (Connected Ed). One emperor’s thought that the Great Wall was a gift from the gods (Great). Christians were killed or beaten to death in China (Connected Ed). The Great Wall was a gift for the emperor 's (Great). The Great Wall was mostly built to protect China from the Huns (Mckillop). China was once ruled by a king who was a Christian (Mckillop). Chin-Shan was buried like an Egyptian King (Knight). In Chin-Shans it tomb was filled with many figures of soldiers on horses (Knight). Emperor Luzi believed that politics were weak (Mckillop). One of Qin’s priests was sent out to warn the Tujue tribe so they will surrender

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