Empire Of Faith 1: How Islam Started

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Empire of faith 1

How Islam Started
Islam started from Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad became an orphan in an early age. His uncle took care of him. Even without parents, he grew up well and developed many skills. His most significant skills that time were his skills to arbitrate. One day, while he was in a cave, an angel in a form of a man showed up to him and gave him revelation. That was the start of him becoming a prophet and establishing Islam starting in Mecca.
The beginning was hard for Prophet Muhammad. His new teaching that there is only one God contrary to the beliefs of people that time about many Gods made him a threat to many clans there and they even planned to get rid of him. Because of that, he and his followers transferred …show more content…

Most Muslims aim to have their own journey and go to Mecca at least once a year or once in a lifetime, it’s a part in Islams regultions. In this Muslim city as well, there are many traders and trade was very important. The prophet Muhammad himself was even a trader and a marchant before he became a prophet.
Baghdad is another important city for Islam. It has many gardens, parks, and beautiful mosques. Scholars also became the center of learning in the world of Islam and the most intelligent and best people go to Baghdad. In that place, it is almost a tradition to talk about knowledge and solving problems all about science for the new civilization. The city was even called house of wisdom. Muslims also worked well with people from other religions so Jews and Christians also went to Baghdad to learn and be great scientists.
In both urban places and cities, Muslims also have a tradition to pray five times a day every day. Normally, there is person (Moa’then) calling from a tower or a mosque to invite people to come together and pray. Muslims really value togetherness because unity is the soull of Muslim knowing that Muslims believe in just one God. Aside from that, there is also strength in …show more content…

He is the reason why there is Islam today. Muhammad became an orphan at the age of 6 and he grew up with his uncle. His life was not easy but the advantage of that was he grew with many people caring for him since he did not have his parents anymore. He regarded poems as an important part of life to celebrate special events and link them to their ancestors.
It was Prophet Muhammad that first introduced to the people the reality of life after death. It was the hardest to believe that time. He also said that the bad people will be punished someday. He also spesiphied about the last days and how the mountains will crumble. When his wife and uncle died, he did not have his protector anymore. However, he had a family with his followers and people who believed in him. They were bound not by blood but by faith. The Islam marked its beginning during that time.
Islam Empire spread from all over the world from then on. It happened fast and easy because the people were tired of having the old regimes. He was a good ruler. Christians and Jews were allowed to still practice their religious laws under his leadership. The Roman Empire had collapsed and people needed a new government or new way of life. Muhammad filled that

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