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Islam spread quickly because of Mecca, the center of practice, geographic location, its beliefs and morals, and its militaristic conquest. Mecca, the center of Islamic practice, is situated on the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Peninsula is surrounded by many bodies of water, making it a great center of trade. The second reason Islam spread so quickly was because of its beliefs and morals. The appeal of Islam to people was a very great factor into why Islam spread so quickly. The third and final reason Islam spread so quickly was because of their militaristic conquest. By 750 Islam had spread from the Arabian Peninsula all the way to Spain (Doc A).

First, Islam spread quickly because of its geographic location. Mecca was the center of Islam …show more content…

They shall not suffer the least injustice.” (4:124. Doc A). The Ordinances of Government applied to the caliph might have appealed to many people. The Second Ordinance of Government said, “ To execute judgment between litigants [people involved in lawsuits] and settle disputes between contestants so that justice may prevail and so that none commit or suffer injustice. (Doc E). In 850 B.C., the Hims (Syrians) chose the Muslim rule over Emperor Heraclius and the Byzantine Empire, saying that, “We like your rule and justice far better that the state of oppression and tyranny in which we were. The army of Heraclius shall indeed… repulse from this city,” said Ahmad ibn-Jabir al-Baladhuri in The Origins of the Islamic State (Doc …show more content…

Arabs had, for a centuries, replenished their resources using something called the ghazu, which were raids against the other tribes. But the Islamic faith stopped this because the ummah, which was the Muslim community, was not allowed to attack each other. So, the Muslims asked themselves, “What is going to allow us to get resources?” The answer, of course, was a series of ghazu raids against non-Muslim tribes (Doc D). In the Sixth Ordinance of Government, it says that, “To wage... jihad [holy war] against those who, after having been invited to accept Islam persist in rejecting it, until the either become Muslims or enter the Pact so that G-d's truth may prevail over every religion.” This means that Islam is allowed to attack anyone who refuses to be Muslim (Doc E). At the battle of al-Yarmuk 200,00 Byzantine soldiers were beat by some 24,000 Muslim troops. The Muslims succeeded in killing about 70,000. They Muslims beat them by “Allah’s” help. The were a strong military force because they had a strong belief in their G-d (Doc F). As mentioned in the first paragraph, by 750 B.C., Islam had spread from the Arabian Peninsula all the way to Spain. By 661 B.C., Islam had spread all the way to Tripoli under the first four caliphs (Doc C and A.) The speed by which they attacked and spread was

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