Encik Wan Azwa Case Study

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For Encik Wan Azwa Bin Wan Ismail, his motivation comes from both intrinsic and extrinsic. Some of the intrinsic motivation that motivates Encik Wan Azwa in this business is his passion in agriculture business. He strongly likes to do business. He said that he can feel some gratification of doing business. When he work at overseas as a software engineer, he is still doing part time business. After working for several yeasrs, he is willing to quit as a software engineer with high salary. These shows how big Encik Wan Azwa’s passion for doing business is. Besides that, Encik Wan Azwa always ignores and withstands the people perspective on agriculture. His advices to all of us is ignores what people are saying about being an agrientrepreneur. He said from his experience, some Malay people especially his village neighbours always look down on him because of his decision to quit his job to be a farmer. The village people mindset is very irritating him. They think that the agricultural sector is not profitable and a low class sector to work with. But Encik Wan Azwa took the approach to ignore them. This is because he surely knows that if he heard any negative views from the surrounding, he probably will not succeed. For him, any negative…show more content…
He prefers to use his own money to invest in this business. The initial capital used by him amounted RM15000. He got the money from his savings during working at the overseas. He did not want to take any bank loan because he did not want to feel burdened when paying the loan. He also gives advice that if we do not have a lot of capital money to open a business, he advised that we should start with small capital first. This is to ensure that we still can open a business even though the capital investment was smaller than expected. I think this is very good advice that can be practiced by a person who just wants to step into the business

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