Epic Of Beowulf Essay: The Dynamic Character

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Beowulf the static character Beowulf mesmerizes anyone he encounters with his ability to accomplish impossible tasks. From fighting monsters underneath the deep blue sea to competing with gods in impossible competitions, he never ceases to amaze people all around the world. Because of his inability to lose or fail in battle, his arrogant personality remains stagnant throughout the story. For example, early on in Beowulf 's life, Grendel becomes known across the land for his tremendously evil strength and might. He needed to be stopped because of the damage he caused to the people of Hrothgar yet no one could stand up to his immense strength. Finally, When word reaches Beowulf 's village, he travels across the ocean to slay the beast. Upon meeting Hrothgar, the king, he asks if…show more content…
Even though many of his men died during the fight with Grendel, he lived and showed no empathy for his fallen comrades. He fights and defeats Grendel 's mother continuing his winning streak. Due to his lack of injuries he feels immortal. Nothing can stand in front of him that he cannot move. Lastly, Near the end of the story 40 years after his incident with Grendel, he must face another challenge. After seeing 50 years of prosperity in his kingdom, Beowulf truly has developed his self image. Soon a dragon intervenes with prosperity by wreaking havoc on nearby lands. At Age 70, Beowulf still has never been defeated and continues to look on the world as beowulf though it is his. Upon hearing about the dragon Beowulf claims “I have never known fear”(Beowulf 607) proving his stagnant personality throughout the story. Showing immense courage, he charges into battle against the dragon. With only one other soldier, he defeats the dragon at the cost of his own life. Truly he succumbed to morality for the first time in his life. Never showing compassion for anyone else, he realizes he has no heir to the throne. As a result, he names the one brave soldier who stood and

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