Equal Opportunities In America

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Being an American is simply having equal rights, equal opportunities, freedom, and a safer, better life. There are countries that are so strict that if you are seen doing something you are not supposed to, you will be arrested and killed. That’s why we are so privileged to live in a country that allows us to do what we want to.
Having equal rights and equal opportunities is a big role in being an American because without that, comes racism, hate, and crime. “‘Your parents were in California? Were they in those camps during the war?’ And sometimes there were phrases or nicknames: ‘Lotus Blossom.’ I was sometimes addressed or referred to as racially Japanese, sometimes as Japanese-American, and sometimes as an Asian woman.” said Kesaya E. Noda “Even as an adult I can still see two sides of my face and past. I can see from the inside out, in freedom. And I can see from the outside in, driven by the old voices of childhood and lost in anger and fear.” This quote explains how a child could be effected with racist comments. Although it happened when she was a child, the racist comments came back to her because that’s what she believes she was. This ties in with Americans having equal opportunities because it shows how one could be affected by racism. If the American government was to restrict every race …show more content…

Although our freedom is limited, We have the right to many things that other people do not. That is the reason for so many immigrants moving and starting a new life in the US. “It is only when we have plenty to eat—plenty of everything— that we begin to understand what freedom means. To us, freedom is not an intangible thing.” Carlos Bulosan said. This quote explains that living in the US doesn’t necessarily make you feel like you are privileged, but getting money and being able to take care of yourself and your family makes you feel free. This will lead to my next

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