Eridi With Blue Hair Poem

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How do the poets effectively explore a young person 's need to belong? In the poem Heidi with blue hair (1980) a girl decides to dyed her hair blue and for this she’s sent home. The headmistress is arguing with her that blue is not a school color, even though there was no rule against it she’s punished. Although the situation her father stands up and defends her child. Her father does not want to mention her mother 's death but somehow they believe that the rebellious attitude is due to the trauma she has suffered. One of her friends the next day dyed her hair grey and flaxen yellow in an act of solidarity. What Fleur Adcock is transmitting is the fear in change and rebellion, the need for others to discriminate because they want control. Making them scared. In the other hand the poem my parents kept me from children is about he or she that 's having the constant struggle of abuse and bullying or any types of physical aggression. Ignoring everything …show more content…

The structure of “For Heidi with blue hair” has six stanzas containing 4 lines each overall 30 lines. There is no rhyme scheme. In addition of the structure there are dialog being used. The punctuation being uses is usual. Knowing tis because in almost all stanzas end in a full stop except for the first stanza that don’t. There is also use of brackets in the first stanza that adds info to the statement given. Because of the dialog there is use of speech marks but at the end of the dialog there is no end of speech marks. In “My parent kept me from children who were rough” there are 3 stanzas 4 lines overall 12 lines. In this poem there is only use of coms and full stops. At the end of all stanzas there is a full stop and in each stanza there is more than one sentence. The punctuation of the poem variety for example and’s can start with a capital or lowercase. At the beginning of all sentences there is a capital letter in exception of the 2 line in stanza one, that starts with a lower case “and who threw words like

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