My Life Is Boring

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No two pieces of art are exactly the same. Each song, poem, short story and novel have different aspects to them which give them meaning and purpose in each. The writing styles, techniques and topics all contribute to make a structure for each different type literary story.

In three different pieces of literature, which all have the word boring in their titles, are anything but boring. The most successful pop duo in history, The Pet Shop Boys, created a song with the title Being Boring. They sing about not wanting to be boring in the previous generations. In Wendy Cope’s Being Boring, she describes her extremely uneventful life which is extremely like Glenn McCrary’s My Life Is Boring. Throughout McCrary’s poem he complains about how boring …show more content…

He doesn’t use any punctuation besides the occasional question mark yet he styles it as a poem. Even though the poem and song shares the same name, they are complete opposites in most aspects. Cope begins her poem with the Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times”, yet she is extremely content with her boring life. In the beginning of the Pet Shop Boys songs, they discuss a “dress in white” party and “opening a closing door”, which hints towards underlying gay sub tones. The song was written during the time period when the British gay sub-culture was an underlying factor in a lot of things and AIDS charity events occurred, which required formal dress in white suites. McCrary also makes references toward the people who make fun of him for being boring, saying they’re hiding something and calling them “fags”. Even though McCrary’s poem and the Pet Shop Boy’s song were written in two different time periods they both reference an issue in society that is still hard for people to talk about. Later in the song Being Boring, he talks about leaving a station with a haversack, which suggests leaving home of some type and he “bolts through a closing door” which infers a rough coming out to someone, most likely his parents because he’s leaving the station with his haversack. Then comes about the 1990’s which was right after the “plague years” or the 1980’s, which explains his line of “some are here and some are

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