• How Did The Erie Canal Changed The United States

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"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven 't planted" stated by David Bly. The Erie Canal was started in 1817 and finished in 1825. It is 363 miles long and ran from Rome to Buffalo in New York. How did the Erie Canal change the United States? The Erie Canal changed the United States through increasing the economy, transportation/trade, and this all led to women 's rights.
The Erie Canal changed the U.S. through increasing the economy. The Erie Canal earned more money than the state of Ohio spent. If you look at Chart 2 you can see that the revenue line is higher than the expenditures line from about the years 1827 to 1860. This means that from about 1827 to about 1860 the Erie Canal helped the …show more content…

through transportation/trade. The Erie Canal was a faster way to travel through the state of New York. If you look at Chart 1, you can see that a line boat takes only 9 days to travel and uses 2 mules, while a wagon takes anywhere from 15 to 45 days to travel and uses 8 horses. This means that the Erie Canal takes less time to travel and uses less force. The Erie Canal makes transportation easier. If you look at the quote from Peter L. Burnstein, you can see that "transportation has been a big challenge for most of human history" and that "villages just twenty miles apart once seemed far away from each other". This means that the Erie Canal solved a problem that has been there since man could travel and it changed the definition of far away. The Erie Canal caused a steady increase in trade. If you look at Chart 4, you can see that there is a constant rise of bushels of wheat transported on the Erie Canal from 1829 to 1841. This means that the Erie Canal was being used more for trade every year. Although transportation/trade were great changes, women 's rights is the most important …show more content…

The Erie Canal changed the U.S. most importantly through women 's rights. There were often women preachers who preached to many people and even in front of the president because of the Erie Canal. If you look at the source, "Female Preaching in Early Nineteenth-Century America", you can read, "In this tumultuous atmosphere, anything seemed possible-even female preaching." This quote means that they thought anything could happen because they built the Erie Canal. They thought if they did that, then they could do anything. The Erie Canal caused women to finally work outside of the house. If you read the source, "National Park Service", you can see that the Erie Canal caused more jobs to be created than just the men could handle. This caused women to work and realize the injustice of their gender. Women started to rebel and hold conventions like the Seneca Falls Women 's Rights Convention in 1848. They held this meeting at a thriving town that had a prosperous community, so they had great chances of people, especially women, showing up and listening to what they had to say. As you can see, women 's rights was a great changed to

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