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MOHAMMAD SAMNIRUL BIN SAMAT 2010141803 MALAYSIA DIKIR BARAT MUG306 Malaysia There are so many music genre created in Malaysia, therefore Music of Malaysia had been used as a generic term. The variety of music genres are influenced by many ethnic groups. The Malaysian society consist of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadazandusun, Dayak, Eurasians and many more. Malaysia music can be categorised as folk, classical, contemporary art music, and syncretic of acculturated music. Folk music and classical music discovered during the pre-colonial period and exist in the form of dance,vocal and theatrical music such as Menora, Ulek Mayang, Mak Inang, Mak Yong, Nobat, and Dikir Barat. While the syncretic music had been discovered during the post-Portuguese period which is on the 16th century and contains from both foreign and local music of Persian, Indian, Arabian, Chinese and Western musical and theatrical musical. The music genres discovered during that time are Dondang Sayang, Ghazal, Mata-Katinga, Jikey, Boria, Keroncong, Zapin, and Bangsawan. Malaysian popular music and contemporary art music are mostly Western-based music combine with some…show more content…
The traditional music from Kelantan-Pattani region are mostly influenced from China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. The music is based on persussive instrument and the most important one is the ‘gendang’ or drum. There are minimum of 14 types of traditional drum and are often made from natural materials. Beside drums, there are other percussion instrument including the ‘serunai’, the ‘rebab’, the ‘seruling’, and the trumpets. Music is traditionally used for celebrating life-cycle, storytelling, and harvest festivals. It was also used as a form of long-distance

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