Westward Expansion Research Paper

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Introduction The Westward Expansion is about moving west to find better land. almost seven million Americans moved west to find better land to farm and to build a house and raise a family. Two topics about the westward is The Oregon Trail and The Gold Rush.
The Oregon Trail
The oregon trail starts in Independence, Missouri and ends in Oregon City,California. The oregon trail is 2,000 miles long and millions of people traveled back and forth on the oregon trail which can sometimes take a long time depending on what the weather is like but if it storms it can be dangerous and if it snows they can get cold and even worse they could get sick.
Pioneers had a hard life because when they got sick they often died. to protect themselves from dangerous animals they connected their covered wagons to make a circle around them and their …show more content…

most people who were the pony express were young men so the could travel long distances and could travel with little food.
When the pony express was out traveling to their destination, they need to keep an eye out or else when they are least expecting it bandits could shoot them so the need to keep in an eye open.
The Gold Rush The gold rush started in 1848 but in 1849 millions of people left their homes in search for gold and new land to farm on and to build a house and raise a family. Most people who left for the gold rush where young men. All people who left for the Gold Rush were called 49ers because most people left to go to the Gold Rush in 1849. Supplies Gold mining was hard in 1849 because they had to have the right tools for the job. Pioneers did not have a lot of the resources they need to mine with like metal, explosives, clean water, and a lot of food. And when they set off an explosives, they could breath in dust from boulders and could go in their lungs they could

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