Essay On Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation

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According to Pants: “Abraham Lincoln, Emancipation Proclamation Act. 1865- Free slaves, but never the less violence continue for a decade, The Reconstruction period, through the Southerner States, racial tension and violence against slaves, the confederate, for instance, the KKK. In the South. Much blood was shredded in the South through the civil war years, freed slaves suffered and a lot of them was killed, by hanging known as lynching, castrating ,burning their homes, churches and even the slaves because they wouldn’t return back to the plantations. However in April 18654 Lee surrendered to Grant, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln, and many refused to mourned Lincoln’s death due to freeing the slaves. People blamed the reconstruction on the Republicans, Andrew John plan’s was a failure. The …show more content…

At the Appomattox, Courthouse in Virginia also, others who were captive and the civil war was over.” However, Bambery explains,” that the Second World War ended in the era of European colonism which was weaken by the war, and many deaths was caused by conflicts, a lot of causalities especially in the U.S was higher and lower in the foreign countries.” Meanwhile, after being released, Johansson explains,” his mission was a nose gunner in a B-24 bomber, story was about when he had no experienced in jumping out of a burning air-bomber after being hit by a German bomber, all his colleagues that was assigned to the plane had to bail out, leaving him and the navigator on then, he notice that the navigator had left him on the plane without his parachute on , he had to fine confidence to either jump out of the plane himself or die, so, he took a chance and jump, after landing, he was captured and taken to confinement and then trans- freed to a prisoners camp in Feb. 1945.” In 19139-1945 however, “during the month of Sept, 8, 1945, Mussolini was restated, German took control of Italy, the Gustavo line was established to slow the

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