Essay On American Moon Landing Conspiracy

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American Moon Landing Conspiracy: Real or Fake?

Have you ever wondered about whether or not America’s moon landings were real? I don’t think you have, but there are millions of other Americans who have thought this and are really trying to prove that America’s moon landings were all a scam! Of, course, there are opposers to this claim, because there are always opposers to every claim. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a claim that everybody agrees with. There’s always someone who thinks they saw something or infers this or that or the other. But I need to get to the point because today we are going to, obviously, going to be talking about whether the American moon landings were real. I’ve got a stack of evidence just waiting to be talked about so let’s get started! …show more content…

In one picture, there were marks from where on of the American lunar modules had been. This means that the Japanese actually saw everything the Americans had done to the moon on that certain lunar mission. Another fact for the believers is when the Americans supposedly went to the moon, on one mission they left mirrors for the Americans to shoot at from Earth. What these are for I do not know, I just hope the Americans don’t actually shoot a real laser at it. Now, for the non-believers, including me, there are many facts I have dug up so let’s start with this one. One thing I found is that if Neil Armstrong was really the first person to land on the moon, then who filmed him getting off the lander from outside the lander? If he were to be filmed, I would expect it to be from the inside the lander. Next, It was said that the astronauts that went to the moon trained for the gravity for the moon in a fake environment, so could the whole have been filmed from that very place? This also supports the other fact that I gave about Neil Armstrong being filmed getting on the moon from the outside of the

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