Crash Near Roswell Research Paper

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Crash Near Roswell For many years, people have said that they have seen Unidentified flying objects, otherwise known as UFOs. From random farmers, to the military, to even a president of the United States, Jimmy Carter. There are famous sightings where the investigations have lasted years and months on trying to figure out if the sighting was in fact, true or not. Although there are images of these sightings, they are criticized to be nothing more than a blurred image or the work of Photoshop. The most famous UFO sighting is known as The Crash Near Roswell. This event occurred in the first week of July 1947. In early July 1947, an unidentified object was said to have crashed onto earth on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. A big storm was taking place at the time and rancher “Mack” Brazel the son of Floyd and Loretta Procter, went to go check on their sheep and make sure that they were all safe during the crazy storm. They jumped on their horses and started their journey. While they were riding along the path, they started to notice some unusual metal pieces …show more content…

They claim that the military didn’t want the discovery to freak people out. To this day, people still believe that there was actually a spacecraft that crashed in Roswell. Reports kept being made of new sightings of UFOs and sometimes even attached pictures that they took. Every sighting that has been reported, has been denied and has been called a mistake. The reports are denied as flocks of birds migrating or hot air balloons in the sky, and even Photoshop. The military has announced that no matter what anybody else claims, the object that was found in Roswell, New Mexico, was just a weather balloon instrument that exploded and crashed, leaving pieces scattered all

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