Persuasive Essay On Alien Abductions

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Alien abductions are discussed as fakes, or insane people babbling. Many people don’t believe they are real. However, a small population believes they are real. People have been abducted quite a few times, but no one believes a word they say about it.
“Aliens, something belonging or relating to another person or place” (Alien). “Alien abductions are said to take place involving men, women, and children regardless of age, culture, or religious backgrounds” (Estep Intro). When people get abducted, they say they were, but most people dismiss the idea as crazy. However, there are the people in the group who believe these people when they say they were kidnapped.
These people that don’t believe in aliens are just listening to the government. They …show more content…

The government approves this because it helps them mask the truth from the people. This is very effective, but not absolute as eventually someone will find out and will tell everyone else and start convincing more people.
Alien abductions count under this category. Once a few people know the truth everyone will in a short while but if they don’t then they will still question why the government won't speak of this topic. This will lead to more people believing and knowing that alien abductions are real and happening.
This leads to the next point of why the government is holding out on us. They have passed off these UFO sightings as weather balloons and alien abductions as insanity or drugs. Also, they say the alien sightings are animals in the night, and missing people as kidnappings or pranks. They have used all their influential power and fame and what not to lie to us and keep us from the truth.
Alien abductions have happened since ancient times. Ancient hieroglyphs have shown that aliens, or as they thought gods, have taken their sacrifices of people to some faraway land, space. These have been shown in many cultures and civilizations along with depictions of aliens, sculptures, and altars to their so-called

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