1943 Roswell Experiment Essay

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1943 THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT: On Oct. 28. 1943, the US. Navy purportedly teleported the USS Eldridge, from Philadelphia to Norfolk. Va., and back again during an invisibility test that went awry. Participants in the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment” were subsequently brainwashed to keep the details of the mishap fuzzy. The military denies the allegations. A kernel of truth about the US. Navy experimenting with ways to make their ships invisible to magnetic field mines seems to have been twisted, spun and embellished to the tale of teleportation. The ship, however, may have sailed between Philadelphia and Norfolk via an inland channel, cutting a two-day journey to 'just six hours, according to a source. 1947 THE ROSWELL INCIDENT: On July 7, 1947, strange, unidentifiable material was recovered by a rancher outside the city of Roswell, NM. Was it debris from a crashed spaceship or a top-secret military experiment? The debate has waxed and waned for years. In the process, Roswell has become synonymous with all things like UFO and attracts tourists each year. The US government considers the “Roswell Incident " a closed case - saying the debris was from a wrecked high-altitude balloon launched to spy on the Soviets. Subsequent reports of alien bodies are attributed to a combination of bad wartime memories, hoaxes …show more content…

But are there real ones, too? yes, according to ethnobotanist wade Davis. in his 1985 book The Serpent and the Rainbow, he investigates zombification and vodoun culture in Haiti and uncovers the strange tale of Clairvius Narcisse. The man was pronounced dead on May 2,1964, three days after he had Checked into a hospital complaining of flu like symptoms and coughing up blood. Eighteen years later, Narcisse presented himself to his long-lost sister with a boyhood nickname that only family knew. He said he had been drugged, recovered by a zombie master and forced to work alongside other zombies on a sugar

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