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In life I always wanted to become a Registered Nurse. When I was younger I use to dress up as a nurse and play like I was doctoring on my younger siblings. When I was younger all I knew is I wanted to become a nurse, as I got older I realized what kind of nurse I wanted to become. A registered nurse is simply someone who helps others if they have an illness or help them to prevent one from starting. I will research the educational requirement a person will need in order to become a Registered Nurse, the expected salary of a Registered Nurse, the expected job outlook for a Registered Nurse, the certification and the licenses for a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse is simply someone who helps others. Registered nurses have to first graduate …show more content…

It’s known as the “college degree”. It’s very important to complete the four years in school of you want to have your bachelor’s degree. In these four years you will complete 120 semester credits or about 40 college courses. When you earn this degree it could be a ticket to a more promising career. A bachelor’s degree pays more for RN’s. An associate’s degree is a degree you earn in two years or more. This degree could be earned at community colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools. If you work hard and get this degree in full time you can complete it in two years but if you move when you want to move it will take longer. Associate’s degree is mostly the degree everyone is going after. I personally want to earn my associate’s degree. I could become what I want to become in a faster way just have to work as hard. The other requirement you could have to become an RN is a nursing diploma. This diploma is usually offered by hospital-based nursing schools. Students that are awarded this diploma are able to take another exam in order to apply for licensure to become a Registered Nurse. The number of these nurses has decreased but there are still some out there. The nursing diploma is an entry-level tertiary education nursing

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