Essay On Benefits Of Sports

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and health are closely connected. Whatever your age, there is evidence that being physically active can help us as human being lead healthy lives. Today more people think that it is necessary to engage in sport activity to be able to live a health way of life. The main benefit of sports is improved health and fitness, and the development of communication and social skills. Today, contests pushing health and longevity are more popular than ever and with celebrities promoting health and fitness more people are getting into physical activity in other to be healthy just like the celebrities. The country I will be dealing with is the United States of America, home of the free and land of the brave. The USA has had the highest level of adult obesity for a number of years and has tried to promote healthy eating with help from former first lady Michelle Obama along with implementing physical education in every high school in the country.
1. Sport
Sport has been known to motivate, entertain and give people
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This boosts the idea of being athletic is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Being in good shape can help you in so many ways but most importantly it decreases a person’s chance of diseases and will improve one’s life physically, mentally and emotionally. Another importance of sport is the entertainment, many people enjoy playing sports, but a larger number of people enjoy watching. Watching sports can bring people together, strengthen friendships, and motivate people to be active. Sport provides jobs for thousands of people, these jobs include: athletes, coaches, and owners of sporting arenas and merchandise stores. In some parts of the world sport is religious such as the sumo wrestlers of Japan and lastly money plays an important role in sports today. Sport is the largest target for money flow whether it is through sports nights at bars, buying team merchandise or going to watch games at sports
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