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5 causes of divorce that you must avoid from the start
Marriages are always changing and never stay the same. They either develop and bloom to their full potential or fade out and eventually fail. To make a marriage strong requires continuous efforts from both partners.
If you are having difficulties in your marriage and are feeling dissatisfied, unhappy or are perhaps on the brink of divorce, I will try to assist you in finding the best solution to your marital problems. But for this exercise to be successful, you’ll need to assess honestly the reasons why the marriage is not working.
Ok, so let’s start this week subject and analyze the top 5 factors that greatly increase a couple’s risk of getting divorce:
1) Marrying too young
Age is
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The more disruptions children experienced when growing up, the more they will tend to duplicate them as adults. Divorce creates an imbalance in their lives which can leave them feeling temporary stigmatized (although nowadays that stigma has drastically been reduced as divorce is a lot more common).3. Childless marriage or children from a previous relationship

As the family size increases, so does marital stability. Childless married couples are significantly more likely to divorce. This is often due to loneliness, but also to the fact that with no children to take into consideration, there is significantly less incentive to keep on fighting for the marriage.

When a marriage includes children from a previous relationship, the dynamics of the blended family are far more complicated than those of a traditional family. Getting the kids to get along with your spouse and his or her children in daily life situations can be very challenging for a couple. Parenting skills and discipline might differ drastically between partners and can become a source of conflict.

It is more difficult to nurture a marriage in a step-family, because from the outset you don’t get undivided “couple time”. The partner who is not the child biological parent can find himself/herself competing with a child for the other partner’s attention.4. Cohabitation before

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