Child Labour During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Before the Industrial Revolution hit our world during the year of 1750-1914 many people lived their lives dedicated to hard work to make sure that they made enough to cater for their families. This meant almost all people worked mostly on the farms including younger children, who would have their jobs chosen by their parents. However this all changed once the Industrial Revolution set itself on the world. It bought many technological advances that simplified labour-intensive work and machinery in factories, mines and farms were established. This all sounds well and good but the Industrial Revolution also bought with it; child labour and horrible working conditions! This caused many problems during this period of time and many trade unions …show more content…

There were now many openings for jobs as well, as employers needed many workers during this time to work in these factories and mines, to make sure that they produced great results. However with all these positives there comes negatives and these all begin with child labour. The Industrial Revolution introduced child labour as a cheap-effective way to get work done, and since then it has left a print on our world. This is evident as children would often work approximately 12-14 hours a day for a very minimal wage with little to no breaks. Many children also suffered many different injuries such as a variety of physical deformities and many lung diseases because of the contaminated air which they breathed in frequently, trough their young, childhood years. This highlights the positives and negatives of the Industrial Revolution, and when people look back to the past and back at the future they find themselves lucky that our world today, is not like the ruins and torment of the world during this period of history. That bought many ups and downs for the history of the

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